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What is a Write Blocker?


The central requirement of a sound forensic examination of digital evidence is that the original evidence must not be modified, i.e., the examination or capture of digital data from the hard disks of a seized computer must be performed so that the disk contents are not changed. The examiner follows a set of procedures designed to prevent the execution of any program that might modify the disk contents. These procedures involve a layered defense against any modifications to the source disk using the following strategies:


• Where possible, set a hardware jumper to make the disk read only.

• Use an operating system and other software that are trusted not to write to the disk unless given explicit instructions.

• Use a hard disk write block tool to intercept any inadvertent disk writes


The informal hard disk write block tool requirements are the following as defined by NIST:


• The tool shall not allow a protected disk to be changed.

• The tool shall not prevent obtaining any information from or about any disk.

• The tool shall not prevent any changes to a disk that is not protected.


The above take from the National Institute of Standards and Technology - Write Block Tool Specification.






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