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The Computer Forensics Examiner is available to assist clients with creating the right plan for data preservation, oppose expert witness monitoring and review, computer forensics and e-discovery production.


The Computer Forensics Examiner can assist with identifying the right media to collect and where that media resides.  In today‚Äôs mobile environment, the data could reside on an individual workstation, a network server, a thumb drive, camera, PDA, cellular telephone and many others.  The data can be found locally, nationally and internationally.  The Center for Computer Forensics' examiners speak the language of the IT professional and can assist the legal community with the process.  Our examiners have testified in court and assisted with judicial review of the process and our final reports.


The Computer Forensics' Examiners will help develop a plan of attack for the analysis of the computer or computers.  The examiners can help guide the client to the location of the data that is most likely to produce the desired results.  Each analysis should be treated as a unique project and, by definition, requires a unique plan for searching the data.  The process can be extremely complicated and the examiners will explain it so that educated and intelligent decisions can be made by the client.


The Computer Forensics Examiner will help our clients make the right choices for electronic discovery.  While it is important that the data be preserved properly, it is also important that the data be produced in a useable fashion and meets the needs of the reviewer.  The examiner can help guide our client through the decision process should it be a Summation load set, a Concordance load set, an online review tool or native documents in a forensic report.




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