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About the Center for Computer Forensics


The Center for Computer Forensics was a full service computer forensics and e-discovery company serving law firms and corporations throughout the United States. We stopped accepting cases in 2014. Since forming 1997, all of the Center for Computer Forensics’ resources were dedicated to maintaining its lab with the latest in technology, security and assuring the highest level of training for its staff.


The history of the Center for Computer Forensics dates back to Data Recovery Group when the Data Recovery Group was formed in 1987.  Data Recovery Group specializes in the recovering data from failed hard drives, servers and other media.  Since its inception, attorneys would contact Data Recovery Group about recovering electronic evidence.  Data Recovery Group performed these computer forensics services for ten years until the Center for Computer Forensics was formed to focus on the growing needs of our clients.


Much has changed since 1997 and the practice of computer forensics' is to stay ahead of the technology curve. Computers have changed the way we do business and now computers have changed how attorneys have to think about discovery.  Multiple surveys on data in the past few years show that most data is in electronic format and that between 50% and 75% of business documents never gets printed onto paper.  The paper chase is not just about paper anymore!

Computer Forensics Examiners bridge the gap between the  needs of the attorney and the complexities of the IT environment.  Asking the right questions and understanding the response is critical to effectively map a discovery plan.  The Computer Forensics Examiner can assist the attorney in developing a discovery plan as well as handling the data with computer forensic and/or e-discovery services.



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